Alex Zulu

Alex Zulu

Alex is proof that if you work hard and have the right attitude, anyone can build their own TruVision business.

Alex Zulu is probably one of the most unique 19-year-olds you’ll ever meet.

Instead of doing what many kids his age do, partying and perhaps getting ready to attend university, Alex is building his own business, and fast, with TruVision Health.

Alex was introduced to TruVision Health by his mom, Connie, another rising TruVision Associate. Alex noticed the positive impact the products were having on his family, especially his sister. With a drive to help people and work hard, he decided to start working the business with the mentoring of his mom.

Alex started building his business in March and a few short months later he qualified for Club 90 on his mom’s birthday. Both Alex and his mom qualified in under 60 days and Alex will be the youngest associate ever to qualify for Club 90.

Oh, and he did it while traveling in Brazil visiting his girlfriend, attending school full time, playing soccer as the captain of his high school soccer team, coaching his brother’s soccer team, and working other part-time jobs. Like we said, Alex is anything but ordinary.

Alex is proof that if you work hard and have the right attitude, anyone can build their own TruVision business. Alex loves the fact that you can go at your own pace with it, and how fast you grow really just depends on how hard you want to work. Alex continues to grow his business and is proud of himself for earning his first Club 90 trip.

Here are some of his tips for building your own business if you’re young or just starting out:

  • Be consistent. Post every day and follow up every day.
  • When you get someone on your team, you’ve got to coach them and give positive constructive instruction/criticism. You need to be proactive in building a strong team.
  • You have to be coachable. Listen to your upline and leaders.
  • Make goals for yourself, write them down.
  • Work hard and get the job done.

As for Alex’s goals? He plans to be a 4 Star by the end of 2019, we can’t wait to watch him get there!

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